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About this site

e-ternals.com is a digitization and publishing project founded and run by Gunthard Mueller. e-ternals.com has been one of the world's pioneering projects in high-resolution graphical and ISO-compliant textual digitization, especially in the area of Indian manuscripts, with digitization stations in Europe and India. e-ternals.com output is of the highest quality and suitable for research and digital long-term archival and library use. Over the years, its output has come to include many extremely valuable manuscripts. e-ternals.com output is used in many leading universities around the world and available in several national libraries and research institutions.

Nanos (for Greek) and Vamana (for Sanskrit and other South Asian languages) have been created by Gunthard Mueller, initially for use in his own teaching and research work. Nanos and Vamana are necessary prerequisites for e-ternals.com's digitization work (specifically, for meta-data creation and textual digitization of manuscripts and books in Greek and South Asian languages).

Contact address:

c/o Gunthard Mueller
Silvanerring 10
D-55234 Bechtolsheim

Tel.: +49 (6733) 948936
Fax: +49 (6733) 808996

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