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Unique benefits

  • Nanos is the only dedicated Greek text editor with a virtual keyboard, a "visual" keyboard on the screen, with all Greek characters and character-accent combinations: directly accessible, complete, and systematically arranged.
  • Nanos is the only hotkey-free Greek text editor: you don't need to memorize a single hotkey or perform any other kind of keyboard gymnastics.
  • Nanos is the only editor that lets you produce any Greek character and character-accent combination with one single mouse-click. Which, incidentally, makes Nanos the fastest Greek text editor.
  • Nanos is the only dedicated Greek text editor which is available for all relevant operating systems: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and Solaris. In fact, it looks the same and works in exactly in the same way (and we mean precisely exactly) on all these operating systems. Nanos runs on all current versions of all relevant operating systems, including Mac OS X Leopard, and Windows Vista. Apart from PCs running Linux, Windows or Solaris, Nanos supports Intel-based and (older) PPC-based Apple computers.
  • As far as we know, Nanos is the only dedicated Greek text editor for Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris, and the only one that offers all of the Greek character range for Windows.
  • Nanos is the only dedicated Greek text editor that offers direct access to all characters needed for Ancient and Modern Greek, including all combinations of characters and diacritics, character shape variants (for example for kappa, rho, sigma, theta, phi, etc.), even omega-pi, upper- and lower-case digamma, stigma, numbering diacritics, one-dot hyphen, and many others. In fact, the Nanos virtual keyboard contains more than 300 items -- the complete toolkit for all your Ancient and Modern Greek editing needs!
  • Nanos is the only Greek text editor that directly reads and writes UTF-8 text files as a default, without any complicating dialogues. Generating and editing web pages and XML files is therefore directly possible within Nanos. In addition, Nanos-generated UTF-8 text files can be directly imported into virtually any modern text editor, such as OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, and many others.
  • Nanos is the only dedicated Greek text editor which directly outputs ISO-compliant UTF-8 text data, as required by data archives and digital libraries. You can also process non-Greek UTF-8 (and UTF-16) files within Nanos, to add Greek sections.
  • Nanos is the only Greek text editor with complete and efficient search-and-replace functionality. Using the Nanos virtual keyboard, you can easily and quickly search for (or search-and-replace) any kind of Greek text within your text.
  • Nanos is the only dedicated Greek text editor which guarantees absolutely 100% print-perfect and web-perfect output: purely pre-composite Unicode characters.
  • Nanos is the only program to include the Proson font, a Greek Unicode font similar to the one used in the Oxford Classical Text (OCT) editions.
  • Nanos is the only Greek text editor designed, coded, maintained and supported entirely by and for classicists, computational linguists and digital library experts.
  • Nanos is the only stand-alone Greek text editor written in the Java programming language. This makes Nanos as future-ready and as compatible as theoretically conceivable: all relevant operating systems are supported by Java Runtime Engines. This should make Nanos directly compatible with many of the operating systems that will be developed in future.
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