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Things you can do with Nanos

  • Create and edit polytonic Greek texts much faster than with any other method.
  • Create ancient Greek texts (polytonic) and modern Greek texts (monotonic) in precisely the same fashion on all major operating systems (Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, Windows).
  • Create Greek texts entirely without memorizing hot keys, macros, keyboard shortcuts or keyboard layout peculiarities of your operating system. The visual Nanos Virtual Keyboard on your computer screen replaces them all! This is TRUE What-you-see-is-what-you-get.
  • Prepare Greek texts which can be printed directly and identically by your publisher, with any modern software package, on any modern operating system, without any re-typing. No more missing characters, no more erratic diacritics.
  • Exchange Greek texts with your colleagues, friends and students and be sure that they open and print perfectly, including all combinations of diacritics. On Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Solaris (and even some other operating systems), and on all Unicode-enabled modern software packages.
  • Easily create Greek texts in Nanos, then layout them in Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign or any other Unicode-enabled modern software package.
  • Use Nanos to create Greek texts for the web. Nanos lets you save files containing Greek text directly as web pages! Or cut-and-past Greek text directly from Nanos to modern web editors (such as Dreamweaver) and back!
  • Easily create mixed texts containing Greek and non-Greek components. For example, input any English parts from a standard English keyboard and Greek parts from the Nanos virtual keyboard. All within Nanos.
  • Do effortless searches (or replacements) in Greek text, including all special characters, diacritics or punctuation marks, etc.
  • Run Nanos on a wide range of diverse computer platforms. Currently supported: Linux, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, and in fact on all operating systems with a modern Java Runtime Environment.
  • Use Nanos to input alternative Greek letter shapes, such as various forms of beta, theta, kappa, pi, rho, sigma, phi, etc.
  • Use the Nanos virtual keyboard as a physical keyboard, by running it on a tablet PC or a touch-screen system. Or use it on a digital blackboard.
  • Offer Greek text editing on computers (such as public computer terminals) where you want your clients or the public to be able to input Greek text, without supplying a special Greek keyboard.
  • Effortlessly produce ISO-compliant Greek text files for digital archives, libraries and publications.
  • Use Nanos as a translator's tool, especially where physical Greek keyboards are not available.
  • Prepare critical editions, dissertations or other research materials and publications in Ancient Greek, or in polytonic or monotonic Modern Greek.
  • Create ISO-compliant Greek text files for processing with linguistic or other algorithms.
  • Teach your students the Greek alphabet, using the Nanos virtual keyboard.
  • Look up Unicode codes of Greek characters on the Nanos virtual keyboard.
  • Test Greek Unicode fonts (completeness, correct character codes, printed appearance of glyph sequences, etc.)
  • Give Nanos as a present to a Greek colleague or friend, or to somebody studying Ancient Greek.
  • Obtain a Nanos network license for your university, school, or company.
  • Use Nanos wherever Greek needs to be input or edited, but physical keyboards may not be present, such as in travel agencies, translation companies, public libraries, printing companies, advertising agencies, marketing departments, packaging companies, governmental or non-governmental organisations... Nanos runs totally identically on all relevant computer systems and operating systems: Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, Windows, and all other operating systems with full Java support.
  • Nanos is a sympathetic, fast text editor with an easy user interface (straightforward menu structure, reasonably designed buttons!), and without the layouting features that make big general editors difficult to master. So Nanos is actually a good editor for people starting out with text processing. You can use it not just to input and edit Greek texts, but also to teach school children or indeed anybody who is new to computers what text processing is basically about. Big advantage: Nanos runs on virtually all computers used in teaching environments: Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, Windows, and all other operating systems with full Java support.
  • Any other ideas? Let's hear about it! Just drop us a line on nanos@e-ternals.com. Thank you!
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