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Digital texts area

Several institutions have put Greek texts online free of charge, in ISO-10646 compliant UTF-8 text format. This is the modern data format required by digital libraries, universities and other institutions with long-term archives.

We have tested the following web sites and recommend them warmly:

  • Perseus Digital Library, Tufts University, USA:
  • Bibliotheca Augustana, Fachhochschule Augsburg, Germany:
    This is a truly admirable resource and on top a beautifully and ergonomically designed website, by Prof. Ulrich Harsch. Fully in Latin -- very enjoyable. Texts on offer are from a range of languages, including English, French, German, Greek, Latin, Polish, Russian and Yiddish. All texts in ISO 10646 compliant UTF-8 format.

Caveat: The quality of the texts at the above depositories is of a remarkable standard. However, the origins of the digital texts are not always mentioned. In such cases it is not advisable to use the texts directly for research purposes or for quotations in secondary literature. However, the texts offered at the above depositories can be downloaded and verified against your preferred text editions, after which you will have your own text version suitable for purposes of research and secondary literature.

Furthermore, if Nanos users around the world contribute digital texts, we will be happy to make them available online through this website as well. Please contact us if you would like to contribute a text. (Please click here for contact details.) Of course we need the texts in ISO 10646 compliant UTF-8 format, executed with precomposite Greek characters (the way Nanos outputs them). This is the only format that fulfils all requirements for long-term digital archives and libraries.

Finally: please note that we are not responsible for the contents of the websites linked to by the above links outside e-ternals.com. Also, these external links are bound to become obsolete over time. If you should find an obsolete external link on e-ternals.com, we would be grateful if you could inform us, so that we can update it. Both the other Nanos users and ourselves would also be grateful if you let us know of any other good Greek text archives on the web (assuming the texts are made available in UTF-8 format, of course). We could include links to their website here on this page.



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