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Nanos makes sharing Greek texts with other users simple!

Nanos is available for a wide variety of operating systems, including Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris and Windows. All current versions are support, including Mac OS X Leopard and Windows Vista.

Nanos produces input for all major word processors, DTP packages, databases -- in fact for all other modern ISO-compliant software packages.

Nanos is compatible with all ISO-compliant Unicode fonts. Copy Nanos output into any modern software package, and assign any Unicode font to it. Only requirement: the font contains the Greek characters in the Greek and Extended Greek Unicode ranges.

maximum compatibility
for Ancient and Modern Greek
Nanos output is the perfect Internet input. No need for conversions! Greek texts can be copied directly into web pages! Nanos can even be used as an HTML or XML editor -- open your web page in Nanos, add Greek text, save it, finished! Nanos output defaults to UTF-8, which happens to be an Internet standard for multilingual text.
Nanos is future-proof. Nanos data are fully compliant with the international norms and regulations for storing Greek text data in national archives, university libaries, governmental or corporate data centers, etc. Nanos output is the perfect input for modern databases and data communications. Nanos output defaults to UTF-8, which can be used directly in XML data and streams. Nanos has been written entirely in the Java programming language, ensuring a maximum of compatibility even with operating systems of the future.

And especially: Nanos is compatible with you!

Working with Nanos is unbelievably simple, thanks to the unique visual user interface, which lets you pick even the most complicated Greek character-and-diacritics combinations from a Virtual Keyboard with one single mouse click.
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